Dental for Kids

Our friendly dental team loves caring for kids’ teeth!

We know how daunting dental care can be for all ages, but especially for our youngest patients. We take time to help children to acclimatise to having dental check-ups and treatment. Our focus is on preventing dental disease – baby teeth might get replaced, but it’s essential to help children get into good habits of dental care early so they can enjoy healthy teeth and gums throughout their lifetime. 

We offer general care for children of all ages at Honest Tooth Dental Care. We know how important kids’ early experiences of dental care is, and we are committed to making the best memories possible. 

We recommend getting into a regular pattern of visiting the dentist early – from the age of around two, it’s a good idea to visit the dentist to get used to having a check-up and gentle clean. See our offers page for how we are working to encourage positive first dental visits.

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