Meet Dr. Alexander Holden

Along with Dr Karassellos, Alexander is co-owner of Honest Tooth Dental Care.

Alexander completed his undergraduate dental degree in Sheffield (UK) and then completed further four degrees in law, dental public health, community dentistry and research from the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Before moving to Sydney in 2015, Alexander worked clinically in private and public practice in the North of England, holding a special interest in conscious sedation and the use of hypnosis in dentistry.

Alexander spends time to get to know his patients and understand their dental needs so he can ensure that they get the right care. He enjoys providing all aspects of general dentistry, but especially enjoys the process of making dentures for patients, Well as helping patients to become empowered in their oral health.

Alongside being an expert general dentist, Alexander also holds specialist registration with the Dental Board of Australia in Public Health (Community) Dentistry and is internationally recognised for his work on oral health systems, dental ethics and healthcare professionalism. In Australia, he has worked within the private, public and academic sectors and currently holds senior academic and public health positions.

Alexander holds appointments as a Clinical Professor with the University of Sydney School of Dentistry where he is also the Head of Subject Area for Professional Practice along with other governance roles. Alongside his clinical and academic expertise, Alexander is also a Board Director for the Australasian College of Legal Medicine. He is an Associate Editor of the prestigious Journal of Bioethical Inquiry and has authored over 60 peer-reviewed publications.

Alexander is a Fellow by examination of the Australasian College of Legal Medicine and the College of General Dentistry, as well as a member in specialist practice (Dental Public Health) with the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons.

Alexander is married to Viki and together they have a son, Cameron, who keeps them on their toes and ensures that their knowledge of dinosaur names is current and up to date!

Meet Our Team

Over 45 years of valuable experience in all areas of the dental profession, continuously working to improve our patients’ quality of life and enjoyment of their smile

Dr. Viki Karassellos

(Principal Dentist and Director)
Clinical Professor Alexander Holden

Dr. Alexander Holden

Dr. Diana Arcila

Dr. Diana Arcila

(Dentist – Special Interest In Periodontics and Implants)
Dr. Carlos Turk

Dr. Carlos Turk

(General Dentist)

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