Full Mouth Restoration Treatment

Full Mouth Restoration Treatment Explained

The Full Mouth Restoration treatment is an excellent solution for full-arch restorations performed with minimal invasive procedures. This innovative procedure involves a full-arch restoration (either upper jaw or lower jaw) entirely supported by four (or more) dental implants. In the majority of cases, a fixed temporary prosthesis can be placed right after the implant surgery, until the permanent solution can be fixed.

This allows you to have full functionality of your dentures in the interim. Surgery procedures are kept to a minimum as the Full Mouth Restoration treatment avoids bone grafting by making use of existing bone.

Having missing teeth can be highly uncomfortable, and there is nothing worse than dentures falling out while talking or eating. Make use of this long-term solution on the North Shore by having the Full Mouth Restoration treatment done at My Dentist St Leonards.  Missing a single-tooth or multiple-teeth?

Dentist examining woman teeth in dental clinic

The Procedure

On a daily basis, we deal with patients who struggle with their self-confidence due to missing or damaged teeth, and we pride ourselves on not only fixing their dental problems but returning their smiles and confidence to them too. Our team is ready and waiting to do the same for you.

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