Have The Wisdom To Know When To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth Thanks To The Dentists At Crows Nest

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Wisdom teeth and the removal thereof has been a topic which has stirred much controversy around the world. Wisdom teeth have become something which is feared by young adults, due to their ‘inevitable’ need to have them removed. Wisdom teeth are aptly named, surfacing between the ages of 18 and 25, it is seen as the last ‘growth’ into your adulthood. Wisdom teeth are thought to have been created to move into a space where our other molars had been removed or worn down. Today, however, as we are less likely to have removals of our teeth, wisdom teeth might be more of a pain than a pleasure. Wisdom teeth are not something to be feared and only need to be removed under three conditions which we have outlined and explained below.


The first reason for opting for an extraction would be a constant reinfection of the gum (known as pericoronitis) surrounding the tooth. This is the most prevalent of problems we see when patients come to us regarding issues with their wisdom teeth. With little space for the wisdom teeth to erupt, the gums become swollen and painful making eating a painful experience.

Cyst Formation

Cysts are fluid-filled pockets that sit deep within the jawbone. The cause for this could be due to your wisdom teeth being impacted. This process causes the gum to expand and may cause damage to the jawbone as well as the adjacent teeth. Cysts that occur due to the wisdom teeth impaction is usually only fully resolved once they have been removed.

Impacted Teeth

For some patients, particularly those with a smaller jaw, there is little room in the mouth for the third molars to fit. As a result, they can grow in sideways, tilt in various directions, or even become stuck in the gums. Impacted teeth can cause a huge array of issues for our patients, and whilst not immediately painful, the damage that this could cause could become severe.

Monitor Your Pain

Having the wisdom on when to remove your wisdom teeth means keeping a close eye on the eruption, space and pain. You must continue to consult a dentist during this period as regular checks and X-rays will allow for problems to be detected and intercepted before they cause you too much pain.

If you are worried about your wisdoms impacting both your gums and your life contact our dentist at Crows Nest today for your consultation and see how we can help you smile.