Hear It From The Dentist At St Leonards: When Do You Need Emergency Dental Services?

Pain on Teeth

While you can do your best to prevent dental emergencies by maintaining good oral health and going for regular check-ups, some dental emergencies just emerge unexpectedly.

Because of some people’s fear of the dentist, as well the uncertainty of what constitutes as a dental emergency, many severe dental conditions go untreated which only causes the condition to worsen, as well as the pain.

As leading dentists in St Leonards, we have created a list of the dental conditions that we deem worthy of emergency dental services:


Trauma can be caused by a wide variety of different reasons, but it is most closely associated with high impact injuries to the face and mouth area. Sporting accidents, car crashes or physical violence can cause the mouth to bleed and teeth to become dislodged or break. If one of your teeth become dislodged, chipped or broken, it is important that you find it the tooth or broken part, rinse it and keep it wedged safely in your gum so that your dentist can attempt to save and recover the position of your tooth.

Lost Fillings

If you’ve ever had a lost filling, you’ll know that it can be an uncomfortable and sometimes painful experience. While lost fillings are not often seen as a typical dental emergency, you should see your dentist as soon as possible for a replacement filling as missing fillings can easily lead to inflammation and infection, or even abscesses, should the exposed tissue and the root be exposed to bacteria.


While some toothaches allow for you to grin and bear it, severe toothache can truly drive you up the walls and make it almost impossible to function normally. Severe toothache can be caused by an underlying infection, an abscess or a damaged tooth. You should see a dentist at the earliest sign of toothache before the pain develops to an unbearable level.

Cracked Teeth

As you grow older, your teeth naturally grow weaker and you may crack a tooth by biting down on something hard or simply by grinding your teeth. However, you crack a tooth, the results can be exceptionally painful, and lead to other issues if not treated soon after the incident. So, this is definitely an emergency that needs to be looked at by a professional.

If you are ever in need of dental emergency services, don’t hesitate call us on 9460 8909! Don’t forget to have regular dental check-ups too in order to avoid future emergencies. Alternatively, you may book an appointment online from our website www.mydentiststleonards.com.au