Hints For Happy Healthy Holiday Teeth

The festive season is often called the silly season and for good reason. We have all worked hard, especially this year, and we throw away our good intentions. We’re putting in a cheer for healthy teeth and diet choices for the Holidays:

Our Dental Surgeon Christmas wish from St Leonards is healthy oral hygiene for everyone. To help make that wish comes true, here are five happy, healthy, holiday ingredient choices that are nutritiously delicious.

Going Green For Christmas

The best ‘going green’ wish from us is the green on your lunch and dinner plates. High-fibre veggies need more chewing effort to break them down. All that fibre gives a lovely free brushing effect to your pearly whites and stimulates protective saliva!

Try a crispy bowl of leaves, mixed with raw broccoli, some bacon bits, some grated or crumbled cheese, two dollops of mayo and a dash of vinegar. Sprinkle dried cranberries on top for the final finish. Happy holiday salad!

Cheesy Christmas Tales

We all know about the goodness in cheese for teeth, but we seldom discuss the good casein that it has. Casein helps kick cavities to the curb! Add that to the calcium and phosphorus, and you have the three musketeers (muskacheese?) of cavity-fighting!

Add yoghurt and low-sugar ice-cream, and you have a cracker-lacker calcium combo.

Candy Cane Or Cavity Cane?

You know Santa’s bad list of sweets, surely? Candy canes, toffee, taffy, boiled sweets and lollipops are on that list, and iced sugar cookies are galloping onto it as well. The sugary components glue themselves to the teeth, providing a buffet for bacteria that develop decay at a faster rate.

If you succumb to sweet allure of sweets, then please follow it up with a glass of water but PREFERABLY flossing and brushing teeth. Yes, adults, you too.

We Wish You A Berry Christmas!

Berries, berries everywhere. Whatever berries you can get your hands on, grab them. They are tiny little powerhouses of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and yumminess. Choose a cranberry before a cavity cane.

Dump the sugar-coated, squishy dried fruit from the shopping list.

Berries do still carry fruit acids and sugary bits, so drinking water after them and/or brushing is first prize.

Knocking Back Nutritious Nuts!

If your Grandma complains that nuts hurt her teeth, please bring her to see us as that is a sign of something out of sorts. Nuts are super nutritious with good oils, folic acid, niacin and vitamins E and B6, and minerals like magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium, phosphorus and potassium.

These are better to crunch than biscuits!

Before you dive deeper into frantic festivities, make an online appointment and pop into My Dentist St Leonards, for an oral hygienist appointment to get your smile sparkling ahead of all the photos and food. If you have any problems call us immediately, don’t leave niggles unattended.

Our Dental Surgeons and the entire team in St Leonards are here to keep you smiling. Call 02 9460 8909 or fill in the online contact form.