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The team at Honest Tooth Dental Care are highly experienced in managing the surgical aspects of dentistry and we are able to offer the following care

We always try to save teeth where possible, however, if a tooth can’t be saved, we are able to remove teeth with the greatest care to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible.

If you do not have enough tissue required for specific types of surgery, or your lack of gum tissue is posing as a problem to your dental health, we are able to perform a Periodontal Plastic Surgery (PPS). This procedure involves a thin layer of gum tissue being removed from the palate, or other site, and being transplanted to the affected area.

 Dental Implants require you to have a certain amount of bone to support the structure. If, in your initial assessment, we find that you do not have enough bone, we may have to perform a bone grafting procedure. The bone grafting technique we use is highly advanced and it uses your own stem cells in addition to bone regeneration therapy. Alternatively, we also offer synthetic bone, and animal bone in our bone grafting procedures.

Not all Wisdom teeth need to be removed, but sometimes Wisdom teeth can become very problematic if they are hard to clean or positioned in a difficult way. This can lead to, pain, inflammation, infection and bad breath. In some cases, they may pose a risk to other teeth, and can cause damage and displacement. Impacted wisdom teeth can also push up against neighboring teeth and cause cavities and infection, which may lead to the need for neighboring teeth to be removed. At Honest Tooth Dental Care, we provide wisdom teeth removal. We can also conduct this surgery using intravenous sedation, also known as ‘sleep dentistry’, which allows you to relax completely.

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