Payment Plans for Dental Services


We are proudly partnered with NIB, CBHS, TUH, Union Health and, with members of all Healthfunds welcome at Honest Tooth Dental Care.

Patients with coverage from our three Healthfund provider partners are able to recoup a large portion of the cost of many treatments, including routine check-ups, cleans, x-rays and preventive care, alongside reduced fees for General and Major dental treatment.


NIB offers a range of insurance plans that may cover dental treatments at Honest Tooth Dental. The specific coverage and benefits will depend on the type of plan you have with NIB.

NIB Healthfunds covered: offers dental coverage from just $79 a year. Members get reduced and capped dental fees on all treatment and on each visit. Healthfunds covered:

If you are a member of any of these health funds, you may be entitled to dental benefits at Honest Tooth Dental. To understand the specific coverage provided by your health fund, we recommend visiting the respective health fund’s website or contacting their customer service. You can also contact us for assistance for the latest information on our health fund partnerships and accepted insurance plans, kindly visit our website or contact us directly.

Helping Cover the Costs

To help you cover the costs of bigger treatment plans, we have partnered with DentiCare to offer payment plan solutions at the practice. 

For more information about the types of plans that we offer, please contact our friendly reception team today. 

When You Visit

It’s important to ensure you bring your digital or physical Healthfund card with you when you attend Honest Tooth Dental Care to allow us to hep you claim your rebate.

How to Use Your Health Fund Benefits at Honest Tooth Dental

Call us at 02-9436-1874 or book your appointment online through our website.
Before your visit, contact your health fund to verify your dental coverage and benefits.
Make sure to bring your health fund membership card to your appointment.
We have a HICAPS facilities on-site, allowing you to claim your benefits immediately after your treatment. This means you only need to pay the remaining out-of-pocket expenses.
With your health fund benefits, you can experience top-notch dental treatments at Honest Tooth Dental without financial stress.

It’s important to ensure you bring your digital or physical Healthfund card with you when you attend Honest Tooth Dental Care to allow us to help you claim your rebate.

How Much Will I Have to Pay?

We understand that understanding how much your dental care will cost can sometimes be unclear. We are committed to helping you to understand the costs associated with your care. For further information, please refer to our Financial Consent Policy. 

Ways to Pay

Through HICAPS, we empower you to instantly claim your cover entitlements from your Healthfund. 

We accept all major cards, including American Express.

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