Periodontal Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal Disease and
Gum Care

Periodontal Disease describes the process where gums become inflamed due to bacteria and plaque being trapped around the gumline. This starts as gingivitis and progresses to periodontal disease which can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Bleeding gums, loosening teeth, constant bad breath and gum recession are some of the noticeable symptoms of gum issues. This disease can cause irreversible damage to your jaw bone, gums and dental health. Patients who smoke or who have diabetes are especially at a heightened risk of developing issues with their gums and should have regular checks of their gums.


If you suspect that you may be suffering from periodontics you should make an appointment to allow us to conduct a full and comprehensive check of your gum health.

Dental Check-up In Clinic

We perform a routine examination of your gums at every dental check-up, which we recommend you attend every 6 months. We can easily diagnose periodontal disease, and if you are suffering from this disease, we recommend bi-monthly check-ups to track your recovery progress. Once we’ve diagnosed periodontal disease, or identified patients who might have a heightened risk of developing issues, we can then plan to review and monitor your gum condition to ensure that we provide you with the best options for successful treatment and care.

Periodontal disease can be very destructive, leading to the loss of bone and supporting tissues that hold the teeth securely in place. Often regular deep cleanings and coaching for patients in how to best control plaque and calculus can significantly control periodontal disease. For patients who need more extensive gum care, Honest Tooth Dental Care can provide expert periodontics treatments such as bone and gum grafting, as well as surgical gum cleaning.  

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