Time For a Dental Check Up and Clean

Periodontal probe for measuring pocket depths

Regular checkups at the dentist are vital in order to maintain your oral health up to date. It is highly recommended that you visit the dentist for a check up and clean every 6 months to avoid and minimise the risk of oral problems. 

A dental checkup  involves a thorough examination of your teeth for any signs of decay and cavities, loose teeth, broken teeth, impacted teeth, fillings needing replacement and bite problems.  It also includes an examination of your teeth gums for any signs of periodontal diseases and your overall mouth for any potential signs of oral cancer and potential temporo-mandibular (TMJ) problems.  Radiology imaging may also be used to identify signs of impacted teeth, malocclusion, cysts or any other problem that may not be easily identified in a visual inspection of the mouth.

A cleaning involves the removal of plaque and calculus that has built-up over time, also known as scaling and a prophylaxis treatment to remove bacteria accumulated on the gum tissue or along the gum line.  After the cleaning, your teeth are polished and fluoride is applied to repair the enamel on the teeth and prevent tooth decay.

A dental checkup may also include discussions and recommendations on your diet or smoking practices and dental hygiene practices and how these may be having an effect on your teeth health.  

Certain people should also visit the dentist more regularly than recommended. These include:


-Pregnant women 

-People with diabetes 

-People with weak immune systems. 

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