Tips For Choosing The Most Reliable Dentist in St Leonards

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If you’re in St Leonards and looking for a dentist, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you make the right choice for your dental health. The best partner in dental care will meet these criteria and you will only need to make this decision once if it’s done right:

  1. Convenience Is Key

This doesn’t refer to just the proximity of the office to your home, it can just refer to the ease of the trip there and back. There are also other locations that the office could be close to that will make it convenient such as your child’s school, your work, etc. This point can also refer to trading hours as you may prefer to make an appointment over a weekend, for instance.

  1. Comprehensive Care

This is where you’ll look at the services that are offered and whether they suit your needs. Be sure to look for both cosmetic and orthodontic treatments, as well as, the general dentistry services.

  1. Emergency Visits

To make sure that your dentist is a reliable one, check their policy on dental emergencies. This will include an emergency number and protocol.

  1. Qualifications & Experience

What are their certifications? Are they members of any associations? Do they have any specialised training? These are the kinds of questions that you should phone or email in before creating a patient account at a dental office as it speaks volumes about their skill.

  1. Health Fund

Do they accept health funds? Or more importantly, do they accept your health fund and if so, what is the coverage. This is where you should contact your health fund provider as well to make sure that your care is at least somewhat covered.

  1. Presentation

Take a visit to the office. How does it look? Is the space welcoming, organised and clean?

  1. Patient Reviews

What do other patients have to say? This is really important short of being recommended by someone you know. Honest online reviews are the best way to determine insider information from existing patients. You’re basically getting the low down from your future self!

Other important factors include whether you’re comfortable with the dentist and what your gut tells you. This is someone that you’re going to be pretty vulnerable with so it’s important that you are okay with this.

One recommended practice that you should try is My Dentist St Leonards. This is somewhere that ticks all the boxes and is that perfect candidate for this list. Contact us today.

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