Why Should I Choose Dental Implants?

Smiles are an essential part of our social confidence, and implants offer natural-looking teeth from your dentist in Artarmon. Large gaps can affect the quality of your smile as well as cause discomfort with trapping food. It usually causes the rest of your teeth to shift in your mouth, which can cause a problem with your bite or cause them to fall into improper angles. An incorrect bite in one area will damage teeth above or below, causing them to move or become misshapen.

If your teeth start to collapse inwards, your face shape will change, and it may even cause a look of premature aging. One other challenge is that it could cause good teeth to fall out literally.

person wearing silver-colored ring while holding denture

What Is An Implant?

This discreet, attractive dental solution is durable, metal posts embedded into the jawbone. The bone will grow onto the post, integrating it into the jaw. This post and platform receives a 3D scanned and crafted lifelike dental crown. Implants can also be used to replace multiple teeth, making dental implants a very versatile tooth-replacement option.

This solution can be used for one tooth or multiple teeth.

The bone can grow around the post because it is made of titanium which can fuse with the bone. Once the implant has healed after a few weeks, the tooth will be indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth. They do not slip or shift like old fashioned, removable dentures.

Are They Long Lasting?

Dental implants are a permanent solution. Titanium and ceramics do that well as they are durable and resistant to wear and tear. By bonding with the bone, the implant is an extension of your body.

Another reason they last long are due to the bone fusing with the implant post. A lost tooth causes the jaw to absorb the bone that used to hold the tooth. You then have a gap where there is a missing tooth but a large valley in your gum. The rebuilding of bone only happens with implants. No other tooth replacement method creates that.

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